Hosting service for all your styleguide needs

What is Mornie?

Mornie is a SaaS that builds and hosts your styleguides. As far as Mornie is concerned, any folder with the contents of a static website is a potential styleguide. Mornie encourages continuous deployment of styleguides, so that you have a trace how they have evolved over time. On top of the hosting service, Mornie aims to provide additional features that are useful when managing multiple styleguides: cross-styleguide search (eg. discover all button styles across your projects), portfolio page for your team, access control (eg. give your clients access to select styleguides), and many more…

Get Started

Step #1

Copy the following nippet into the file `mornie.nix` and place it into the root of your project…

  nixpkgs = import <nixpkgs> {};

in nixpkgs.stdenv.mkDerivation rec {
  name = "my-beautiful-style-guide";
  src = <src>;
  buildInputs = [ nixpkgs.nodejs nixpkgs.rsync ];

  buildPhase = ''
    npm install
    npm run build

  installPhase = ''
    rsync -av out/* $out/

This file contains the instructions how to build the style guide. The file is written in the Nix Expression Language, which is well suited for these kinds of tasks.

Documentation + examples of common setups (eg. nodejs + catalog).

Step #2

Install our GitHub App.

Step #3

Now you can start pushing new code to your repository. Mornie will pick the changes up, build the styleguide and deploy it under a unique URL. The URL will look something like